What’s New in SPFx 1.7

SharePoint Framework version 1.7 was released in November 2018 and includes some great new functionality. In this lesson, we’ll explore the changes made in this latest version of SPFx and we’ll build two entirely new web parts to demonstrate one of the most anticipated SPFx features: dynamic data properties.

Learn More

  1. Download “Earnings” Starter Solution
  2. Download “Total” Starter Solution
  3. “Earnings” Final Source Code
  4. “Total” Final Source Code
  5. SharePoint Framework 1.7 Release Notes
  6. Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Documentation

Terminal Commands Used in This Lesson

  1. yo @microsoft/sharepoint
  2. gulp serve
  3. gulp bundle --ship
  4. gulp package-solution --ship
  5. open sharepoint/solution
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