Connecting to SharePoint:

Web Part Context

In this lesson, we will be creating an entirely new dashboard web part from scratch. We’ll begin to understand how we can consume SharePoint’s REST web services by first exploring a property on the web part called its context. This important property comes with every web part you build, and contains information about the context of the web part to which it belongs. This allows developers to get information about the site, page, and user viewing the web part at any time. We’ll also utilize the very convenient HTTP client utilities that come as part of the context property itself.

Learn More

  1. BaseClientSideWebPart Class
  2. Web Part Context
  3. Get to Know the SharePoint REST Service
  4. SharePoint Search REST API
  5. Getting Started with OData
  6. ES6 for Everyone by Wes Bos
  7. ES6 Promises by Dave Atchley
  8. Lesson Source Code

Terminal Commands Used in This Lesson

  1. mkdir dash
  2. cd dash
  3. yo @microsoft/sharepoint
  4. gulp serve
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